Jimmy Kimmel Fools Festivalgoers Part 2: SXSW Edition
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    Jimmy Kimmel's exclusive Lie Witness SXSW lineup is out, and were super excited about all the fantastic fabricated talents they're featuring!

    Contact Dermatitis
    Neil Patrick Harassment
    What the Fuck, Bruce Jenner?!
    Heavy Flow
    DJ Costco
    Hannah and the Baby Bjorns
    Willie Nelson Mandela
    Tanya and the Hardings
    DJ Cornmeal
    I'm Not Done With the Salad
    Daenerys Targaryen and the Dragon Ponies
    King Joffrey
    Jamie Lannister and His Sister
    Vegan Bikini
    DJ Metamucil

    Kimmel struck again with his Lie Witness News, where know-it-all hipsters are questioned about their favorite festival bands that aren't playing anywhere, because they're completely made up. This time the unsuspecting victims are the attendees of Austin's SXSW this week, and surprisingly they don't watch Game of Thrones.

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