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    • FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2008

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    Sera Cahoone won’t dash through the listener’s comprehension, mucking up the place with high brow poetics and experimental fits of song. No, Only as the Day is Long (Sub Pop) keeps classic and country; the kind of immediate, warm blooded listen that seeps and settles in on first listen. ‘Course this is a good thing. Records that reveal their intentions from the get go often take off at the same kind of pace. Ask Band of Horses – the band Cahoone once slapped skins for – where the straight and narrow of breakout, Everything All the Time – the album Cahoone played on – lead them. That would be where most musicians only dare to dream. Could Cahoone’s wonder touch strike again? Perhaps…But like Eleni Mandell tuning in to twang a few years back, Cahoone the cowgirl is a refreshing listen; one I’d imagine listeners the world over will have no problems falling for. KEEP READINGDavid Pitz

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    MP3: Sera Cahoone:: "Only As the Day is Long" Only As the Day is Long"
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