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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 2007

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    • Taking a bloody page from the KISS handbook, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has announced his group’s latest giveaway – a series of handmade posters containing a mixture of the band members’ blood. KISS first did this in 1977, when they partnered with Marvel Comics to create a special comic book. Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, and Peter Criss had their blood extracted at Nassau Coliseum, kept it on ice for a few days, and flew to a New York to personally dump their vials into Marvel’s red ink. A notary public was present, just in case anyone doubted the veracity of the comic’s front page disclaimer: “Printed in real KISS blood.”

    Pete Wentz can’t really hold a candle to Gene Simmons, but at least the Fall Out Boy’s intentions are sound. The blood-inked posters will be free, and the band plans on giving them away to one lucky winner at each show this spring. Wentz hopes that the drawing of his bandmates’ blood will “shed some light on the much-needed support for blood drives.”

    The Arctic Monkeys are back, and they’re leaving their British cage for a North American tour this spring. The group begins its American run at Coachella and will wrap things up in Orlando. They’ll also be hitting up their native continent beforehand. If you’re fast – and if you’re on the group’s mailing list – and if you want to fly across the Atlantic to see the band – then log onto the Arctic Monkey’s website before 7:00 pm (or, as they say in Europe, 19.00) for a chance to land some advance tickets. The Monkeys’ sophomore album, Worst Favourite Nightmare, hits stores on April 24th (or, as they release albums in Europe, April 23rd).

    The Early November and Matchbook Romance have decided to take an indefinite break. In other words, the dudes broke up. What will the emo kids listen to now?

    • If you missed the Rock Hall ceremony on Monday night, you're in luck. AOL has a detailed liveblog of the event (Example: "9:28PM: When asked if they still get along after all these years, Scorpio of the Furious Five laughs and says, 'To be honest, I don't like these dudes'")and you can also watch the entire show here.

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