YG Rides For His Set With New Video For 'Suu Whoop'
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    The first single to be featured from YG's upcoming album Stay Dangerous, "Suu Whoop" was released last month as a dark and gangster Blood anthem, and now it has a music video of equal measure.

    Straight forward and without any extra flair, "Suu Whoop" is simultaneously a call out and a pledge of allegiance for YG, who unabashedly reps his set. The video features plenty of red flag waving, gang signs and chilling on the block, ebbing and flowing between oversaturated neon shots and intense monochromatic scenes. There's also a pretty funny scene of YG rocking some Jheri curls riding around in a convertible, likely a shout out to fellow Compton native and preeminent rapper Eazy-E, even though E was well associated with the Kelly Park Compton Crips. As well, if you listen closely, there's a calling out of Brooklyn Blood and all-around clown Tekashi69, who seems to earn the ire of just about everyone on the face of the earth, his own gang affiliates included.

    YG announced the title of his album this past weekend, though there's yet to be a definitive release date for it. A play on the phrase "stay safe", it's clear that in YG's line of living he'd rather do the opposite.

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