A Song To Describe Each 'Friends' Character
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    If you want to know the best years in American history, I'll tell you: 1994-2004. Why? Because that was the time that Friends, AKA one of the greatest TV shows to ever grace screens, aired. Here's the basic plot rundown for those with poor entertainment taste - six friends in their late 20s/mid 30s hang out together in New York City, but mostly just in a cafe called Central Perk. That's basically it. It's not anything thrilling or riveting - heck, it's not even always that funny - but what makes it so binge-worthy, so entertaining, is each character. Everyone has their own personality, which is probably why you've heard fans of the show compare their real life friends to the characters on Friends. I won't lie, I've done it (my friends said I was a mix of Chandler, Monica, and Rachel. What a doozy).

    So, as I sat on my couch and watched the episode where Ross gets a horrible spray tan for the hundredth time, I thought which song would each character be? They all have such strong personalities, it should be pretty easy to choose. So let's find out.

    1. Ross Geller - "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" by The Smiths

    Throughout the entire show, I was always very torn between loving and hating Ross. On one hand he's an amazing actor with impeccable comedic delivery, but on the other hand, all his actual character does is mope around and complain about how he's divorced and how no one understands his love for dinosaurs. He was also a little problematic in the sense that he was sexist (episode where he tries to steer his toddler son away from Barbie dolls, anyone?), which is also sad. I could totally see The Smiths being his favorite band - I mean, what else are you going to listen to after being dumped by Rachel a thousand times?

    2. Rachel Green - "I Don't Want It At All" by Kim Petras

    This song choice is so blatantly obvious. Rachel was always the princess on the show, from the moment she left Berry at the altar in the very first episode all the way up until the end. She did prove herself as she continued to work hard at different jobs and when her way-more-spoiled sister came into town, she tried to get her off of daddy's credit card too. So yeah, we can totally respect her hard work, yet she was still a complete princess. She loved shopping, getting her way, and she worked in the fashion industry. Probably why my friends compared me to her. Listen to this Kim Petras song and you'll understand. It's all about getting your way and purchasing designer products. *Princess emoji*.

    3. Chandler Bing - "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne

    Chandler, although one of my favorite characters, is completely immature and goofy. Thus, "Stacy's Mom." I could totally see him jamming out to this tune when he sees a pretty lady on the streets. He always gawked over women who were way out of his league.

    4. Monica Geller - "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie

    Monica was the responsible one, hands down. She cooked for everyone, housed everyone at one point, and if someone spilt a bowl of cereal on her apartment floor, they were dead. Monica never really got a break, she was the most "adult" - kind of like a motherless child, except all of her friends were her children. She'd never let them see her cry (okay, we saw her cry, but let's go with it for the sake of the song).

    5. Joey Tribbiani - "How To Be A Heartbreaker" by Marina & The Diamonds

    Joey was the heartbreaker on the show. He dated a boundless amount of women and it was rare for him to ever fall in love. He was a little dumb, and yes, he was a stereotypical actor who offered nothing but financial instability, but he was smooth, and ladies who didn't know him just thought he was cool. So, that's where this Marina & The Diamonds song comes into play. Joey can and will break your heart.

    6. Phoebe Buffay - "I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin Degraw

    It was hard to not just put "Smelly Cat" here, but I figured that didn't really count since that was in the show and doesn't actually describe Phoebe. This woman was awesome - she went against the grain, she was vegetarian, believed in weird spirits and karma, and was just an all around freak. In the eyes of the other characters at least. She didn't conform to anyone or anything, she didn't want to.

    BONUS: Smelly Cat.

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