Watch The New Short Film From Iron and Wine
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Iron & Wine have a lot to celebrate. Having been a mainstay in folk music for over a decade, Samuel Beam has certainly recorded hundreds of demos of unreleased music. After releasing the rarities compilation Archives Volume No. 1 back in January, the band returns to drop a new short film Dreams And Makers Are My Favorite People, showcasing an extremely intimate live concert.

    The film is about thirty minutes long and is an open look into the early days of Iron & Wine as well as an important shout out to the Jerry Run Summer Theater. Discussing his musical history and explaining what drew him to the theater, Beam offers a very candid and humble look into his life and what music means to him. After a five minute introduction concerning the band and theater, the concert begins with a very relaxed Beam offering an insight look into these rare songs that he has never performed for people before. An acoustic one man show, the songs are highlighted by his emotional and heartfelt lyrics. In between songs, Beam would either discuss what this particular song meant or give another promotional shot to the Jerry Run Summer Theater. The theater must mean a lot to Mead because I came out of the video knowing just as much about it as I did Iron & Wine.

    Overall, I really liked the film. It is always fascinating to see a marketable name choose to cut back and do something small. The relaxed setting was perfect for the nostalgic ideas conveyed in Iron & Wine's music. My only complaint was the constant cut back to the history of the Jerry Run Summer Theater. After the introduction I felt like I knew enough about it. In what comes off as more of an advertisement, the watcher is repeatedly reminded about who is housing the event. Maybe that just means Beam really wants us to appreciate what they do for the music community. Well, it worked. I do.

    Check out "Dreamers And Makers Are My Favorite People" below and the new compilation Archives Volume No. 1. here.

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