Maynard James Keenan Is Selling His Mansion, and It Ain't No Tool Shed
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    Maynard James Keenan is selling his Hollywood mansion for a whopping $2.495 million. The Tool frontman is leaving behind the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles for the winery life of Arizona. Not surprisingly, Keenan doesn't live in the casual American home. Described by Keller Williams Realty as "Mediterranean in design," some of the rooms, including the cherry black living room, look like they came straight out of the album booklet for 10,000 Days.

    The agency says the house is located "at the top of Beachwood Canyon w/ no adjoining neighbors." Does it get any better? Who actually likes their neighbors? Nobody! The famous "Hollywood" sign is clearly visible from the backyard with an in-ground pool surrounded by palm trees. The place looks awfully clean for a rock star but then again, Keenan made a career by distancing himself from the prototypical stereotypes of the music world. With longtime fans anxious for a Tool new album, Keenan should reward those who remained patient by throwing a huge house party before leaving the place. If Keenan says, "Eight-years is a long time. Thank you for your patience, let's party!" I'm sure the fans could forgive him.

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