The Weird and Wild of SXSW Craigslist
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    On any given day, an exploration of your local Craigslist postings will provide a slew of oddities. But for some reason, when a city hosts a large event, the professional weirdos come out to play. Being that South By Southwest's music fest is currently underway, we thought we'd investigate the always eccentric city of Austin's web classifieds to see what (and who) is for sale.

    Sure, the exchange of SXSW party wristbands and tickets heavily occupies the site, and the "casual encounters" are as always saturated with sticky strangers looking for their slap and tickle, but if you read between the lines, you'll spot some diamonds in the Texas rough. Here's what we found...

    The perfect entertainment for your child's next birthday! The same guy had a post in casual encounters looking to find his long-lost buddy, Richard.

    We are so disappointed we didnt hear about The Texcellorators prior to fully booking The Launch Pad.

    Nothing says trust a stranger like the descriptive words "Full-Blown."

    "Who are you going to see down in Austin?"
    "Ehhhhh, I think I'm just gonna lay around and eat some tacos."

    We couldn't fit the complete post, but this gentleman is an Austin native who has a bone to pick with his city, the homeless shitting in the streets, and a particular sect of visitors he proudly labels as Cali-fags. God Bless 'Merica.

    If you're down in Austin, come check out our SXSW party this Saturday, it's FREE! RSVP here.

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