Miniature Tigers Mia Pharaoh
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    Mia Pharoah is the third album from Brooklyn synth-poppers Miniature Tigers and it's a big change from their previous stuff. The Fortress, their last album, received some criticism for being an abberant array of neuorticism, suffering from severe lack of maturity and focus. It diverged from the initial chill, guitar based sound you found on Tell It To The Volcano. It was obvious that they were flirting with mulitple genres of music, hoping to find their niche. But, Miniature Tigers is clearly not worried about critical disdain; they actually might like it.

    Like of Montreal, Miniature Tigers ran into the issue of sorting through too many influences on one album, trying to paint a big, comprehensive picture. The only problem is Kevin Barnes and Miniature Tigers worked in opposite directions. It took of Montreal 10 albums to make a mistake, it only took Miniature Tigers two. And although Miniature Tigers may lack the literary brilliance of Barnes, they seem to have found their way into the world of cutesy, hipster, synth-pop and it works for them.

    The albums intro track is titled, "Sex On The Regular." At first, you might think it's just adolscent rhetoric, but it matches the charming aloofness of the rest of the dancy album. The beat sounds just like Madonna's "Holiday"-- and that might be enough to create a catchy tune. The second track, "Female Doctor," is the kind of song you find yourself walking in tune with while shopping at Forever 21-- just when you think you haven't caught the obtrusive hipster endemic, here's a song that makes it impossible.

    Maybe Miniature Tigers album titles are just predicting what's to come? It seems as though the volcano woke from its dormant state and spewed musical dysfunction all over The Fortress they were recording in. Mia Pharoah might just be the Pharoah that went missing in action, and although Miniature Tigers have discovered themselves in a world of endless genres of music, they haven't reached their pinnacle. Maybe soon they'll be the omnipotent pharoahs of music.

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