t.g.i.mixtape: volume 5
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009

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    Happy Friday to all of you music lovers out there. We have had so much fun over the past few weeks putting together these mixtapes for you and this week has been no exception. It is truly amazing how much good new music is coming out these days. Here are just 10 songs that we have chosen for you to get your weekend started off on the right foot. We hope you enjoy! -Greg Lozoff

    1. Royksopp - Happy Up Here

    Were starting off with a bang today! Here we have the ridiculously catchy first single off of Royksopp's new album, Junior. The album is definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2009. By the way, have you seen the awesome video that they made for the song?

    2. Foreign Born - Vacationing People

    We've been hearing a lot about this band lately around these parts. Most of that hype coming from Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, but nonetheless, this is great song deserving of all the hype Droste can muster.

    3. Alligators - Where Does it Hide?

    They may be called Alligators, but if one had to associate an animal to their music, it would surely be something a little warmer and fuzzier than the flesh-eating reptiles. You'll understand when you hear this song.

    4. Crystal Antlers - Andrew

    This one is by retro-puck rockers, Crystal Antlers. They have been getting so much hype lately, and judging by this song, it is well deserved. Turn your volume up for this one.

    5. Super 700 - Someone Stole My Car

    This is an amazingly catchy tune by German 7-piece Super 700. Just when you thought this song was as good as it could get, the chorus makes you re-think that thought.

    6. Tokyo Police Club - In a Cave

    This is one of our favorite songs off of Tokyo Police Club's stunning debut LP, Elephant Shell. We have been big fans of this band ever since they released their first EP A Lesson in Crime in 2006. Of all of the great bands to come out of Canada in the past few years, they are definitely near the top of the list.

    7. Milke - Love Get Out of My Way

    This is a really catchy jam by London, England's Milke. The duo hasn't even released an LP yet but they are making big waves across the pond. With the release of their debut album later this year, we may just be hearing a lot more from them in the near future.

    8. M83 - Kim and Jessie

    How can you not fall in love with this song? M83 has given us some really dramatic and emotional electro-rock over the years, but this one is just a fun 80's jam. The echo on the drums, the sound effects in the background, the retro-synth; this song has got it all.

    9. Gigi Fouquet - Same As Me

    Here is a catchy little ditty by an exciting new singer-songwriter named Gigi Fouquet. She is originally from Paris, France but now calls New York City home. Not only is she incredibly talented but she is backed by guitar legend G.E. Smith (Bob Dylan, Hall & Oats, Saturday Night Live). Together they make quite the team. Take a listen.

    10. Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina

    This one is by Seattle, Washington indie-rockers, Telekinesis. You can find this track on the band's forthcoming LP which would be self-titled if it didn't have an exclamation point at the end. Keep your eyes out for these guys.

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