BAEBLE BAE ALERT: Pop's Bubbliest Star, Anne-Marie
    • MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    It's crazy to think that around this time last year, I was interviewing one of today's most exciting pop stars, Anne-Marie. You can actually watch that interview go down here. In the least creepy way possible, it was love when I first met her. She was exactly what you'd expect her to be like - bubbly, friendly, and downright hilarious. Like I said, that was about a year ago, but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped thinking about her. She's slowly creeping her way up to the top and so out of love, excitement, and support, I thought I'd do a quick rundown of all the reasons why we love Anne-Marie so much.

    1. Her new song with Marshmello is F I R E.

    Her latest single with producer/DJ Marshmello is called "Friends," which you probably already know because it is ALL over the radio and internet. First of all, it's the most relatable song ever. I mean, everyone has friendzoned someone before, right? Even if it was back in 2nd grade when you couldn't get Poop Factory Sam to stop stealing half of your PB&J in attempt to flirt, it still counts. Second of all, the narcissist in me can't help but think Anne-Marie is singing this directly at me. My internet stalking/total infatuation is so obvious at this point, she's probably just begging me to realize we're just friends… Okay, we're not even friends. But still.

    2. And her friendship with Marshmello is just beyond adorable.

    Ever since the two released a song together, they've been traveling and exploring together nonstop. Here they are in LA:

    LOS ANGELES #friends

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    Here they are eating donuts and petting puppies together. Literally the most innocent, cute thing ever.

    How Marshmello took a bite out of that donut with the mask on… The world may never know.

    And here's them just bein' frickin' adorbz in general:

    OUT NOW FRIENDS! Link in bio x ????

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    3. Let's talk about her selfies.

    ...Like, how does she get her hair to consistently be that perfect shade of blonde? And how does her makeup look so perfect all the time? And those eyes. Anne, do share your beauty secrets - skin care routine, shampoo/conditioner brand - we want the full inside scoop.

    Here's just a select few of our favorite Anne selfies:

    We're just FRIENDS

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    Here are my New Years resolutions if u wanted to know lol. If not, here's a selfie and don't bother reading on. Number 1 is to make other people happy. I realised that most of the time it's easy to make myself happy. I can buy some trainers or have a bath or do a puzzle (lol). That makes me happy. But real happiness for me, comes from making others happy. Helping people who are struggling, is a big thing too. I can't bare to see anyone upset or in pain. So I am going to help as many people as possible, and try to make them happy along the way. Number 2. When it comes to what you're wearing do not care what people think. People will always have opinions. If I wear a bra top people are like, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON BITCH. And then I wear something covering me up people are like, YO GRANNY WHY U WEARING UR PJAMAS. So HA. Fuck that, no more worrying about what others think of my dress sense. I'm gan wear what I like when I like. And people should embrace it and compliment and make people feel good in whatever they decide to wear. 3rd is to forgive everyone who's ever hurt me. If you wanna do this with me, remember you don't have to tell them. It's for you. And this isn't letting them back in, this is letting go of the pain, and stress and anger it still causes, and thats because I/we haven't forgiven them yet. So here it is. I forgive you. ?? remember when you forgive someone it isn't for them. It's for you. And your peace in your life. Last but not least is to trust. I find it hard to trust. Because I just know how some people can be. So it's hard to see the good sometimes. Still, keep ur wit about u. Don't just trust everyone. But when someone is trying to show you and gain it you have to recognise that! Trusting people is good. Happy 2018 ♥?

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    4. This picture of her with Elton John.

    Yes, it IS good enough reason to love her. Our two favorite artists coming together? What a dream!

    anne marie elton john

    5. Her "IDGAF" attitude.

    Anne-Marie has hands down one of the best senses of humor, which I think is so important in the music industry where artists tend to take themselves way too seriously.

    She posts stuff like this:

    Caption this.

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    And this:


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    Plus, this interview is hilarious:

    6. You can always count on her to wear a dope AF outfit.

    Every fit she wears is ON POINT. Always! Like this pink silk slip (which she owns even more with her attitude. Yes girl, throw those peace signs up):

    Her dressed up look for the 2018 Brit Awards red carpet. Girl literally looks like the dancer emoji.

    anne marie brit awards 2018

    And #TBH, this girl can even rock a pajama set:

    7. How she's an inspiration to all women.

    Anne-Marie sings songs almost exclusively about heartbreak and running solo, but she does it in a way that's so empowering for women everywhere. Take "Ciao Adios," she spends the verses reminiscing on the past, but in the chorus she has the power to basically say boy bye. Her other single "Alarm" has the same message - every girl will relate to it.

    8. Her friendship with Ed Sheeran.

    When we spoke last year she mentioned Ed and I internally flipped out. Okay, I may have externally flipped out, too. Either way, they make the cutest pair of friends.

    9. Her voice.

    Duh. This is the most obvious reason to love her. She is a phenomenal singer, and you can really hear that when she performed a slightly stripped version of "Rockabye" with Clean Bandit for us.

    10. And lastly, I'll just leave you hear with this...

    You're welcome.


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    Anne-Marie, let's be #FRIENDS!

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