SNL: The Shins and Jonah Hill
    • MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Jonah Hill is juggling weight like a regular Oprah these days, but as he once pontificated, "no one wants to see a physically fit man do comedy," so there you go. Not a terrible episode! Stefon stopped by, and that's always fun, the digital short was non-musical and sort of one-note, and The Shins played a couple of songs off their forthcoming Port Of Morrow, and was it just me or did it seem kind of... tame? Like it needed a couple of shots of Five Hour Energy injected into its blood? Maybe it was just the sound.

    New York's hottest Weekend Update guest is Stefon. Brb, getting a human Roomba for my next party.

    The digital short was funny at first, but it was kind of like beating a dead horse (in the balls).

    My favorite sketch was 'Six Year Old Returns,' which made good use of Jonah Hill's Jew-fro and Fred Armisen's weird racial chameleon ability to play any ethnicity. Black? Latino? Asian? What is he?

    And if you were already tired, The Shins helped you get to bed at a reasonable hour!

    "Simple Song":

    "It's Only Life":

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