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    • FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010

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    It is that time of the year! Cold beer, warm weather, and cramming millions of people* onto Sixth Street for the best music festival south of the boarder-ish. SXSW is home to many a party, but we're pretty confident that ours is the irish cream in your spiked coffee (Thursday morning specifically). Here are ten reasons why.

    Below: a compendium of tracks, one for each of our party bands. Get an idea of what to expect, and make sure you don't miss it, 12PM sharp at the Scoot Inn, 1308 East 4th Street, Austin, TX . Giddyup.

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    1. "Susie Cues" - Javelin - No Mas
    Javelin's blowing up huuuuge right now and what's neat about them is how unassuming their sound is. You write them off as just same old same old, until you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night humming melodies to low-fi elevator music and they become your new obsession. "Susie Cues" is my favorite track just because of how smooth and natural it sounds.

    2. "The Price" - Dappled Cities - Zounds
    "The Price" is my favorite track off Dappled Cities' new album Zounds. It's sassy and has a lot of personality and it's really catchy.It's rare dance rock gets this spunky but I like it. It makes me want to go to a disco club in the future. If you listen to it you'll get that joke... Good song though.

    3. "Polaroids and Red Wine" - Jaguar Love - Hologram Jams
    I like Jaguar Love because I loved The Blood Brothers. And Jaguar Love is great in that same frenzied, chaotic, manic way The Blood Brothers was. This song gets my vote for favorite though because of the Burn, Piano Island, Burn reference in the 2nd verse and for the absolutely b**ching synth line in the bridge.

    4. "We Will Find You" - The Happy Hollows - Spells
    If you've been in/around/reading Baeble for any period of time longer than a week, you already know we love this trio from LA. They've rocked the Guest Apartment and now they are upgrading to a full-on electric set... something we're psyched about. Spells is all the rage these days.

    5. "Everything Touches Everything" - These United States - Everything Touches Everything
    Rock. And. Roll. These guys loved noodling around Washington Square Park, and now they are taking their Americana to the dusty sands of Texas.

    6. "Lion Face Boy" - Seabear - We Built A Fire
    The sparkling Icelandic septet that spawned Sin Fang Bous write some forest friendly Sigur Ros stuff, but with their own ever-morphing noises you never know what you're going to get. This one starts out like a backwards month of March. In like a lamb, and out like a lion face boy. I hope they bring horns!

    7. "What A Drag" - Bear Hands - What A Drag Single
    The quintessential "cool" sound produced by Bear Hands (part Brooklyn dirt, part Modest Mouse-ish) has earned them many fans and still no label attention. This recently reissued single makes us long for the days when this was the noise on every street corner. When "chillwave" was less the it-fad of BK and more in the running for "next generation refrigerator".

    8. "Demon Host" - Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre
    Ok. Ever since we stumbled across the apocalyptic, dustbowl blues of Canadian trio Timber Timbre last Fall, we've been dreaming of the day we could capture their undeniable and spooky sensations. Come next Thursday, not only will our cameras be fixed on 'em, but also hundreds of awestruck eyes down in Austin.

    9. "Um, Circles and Squares" - Dosh - The Lost Take
    If you only know Martin Dosh as Andrew Bird's insanely talented drummer, then listen up. The man has two full-length albums (with a third on the way) ripe with some of the most precise, creative, technical, and diverse soundscapes one could ever hope to hear. So hear 'em! AND THEN GO SEE HOW HE AND MIKE LEWIS MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN. Your mind will explode.

    10. "Lovely Allen" - Holy F*ck - LP
    The HUGE anthemic centerpiece to the Toronto electro-rocker's fantastic '07 release LP, we're guessing the Lone Star will be going down awfully smooth by the time Holy F*ck rolls through "Lovely Allen". We couldn't ask for a better band to cap off our party with, and can pretty much guarantee the last words on everyone's lips next Thursday will in fact be, "Holy F*ck"!

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