Why A Folk Band Is About To Be The Biggest Rock Act Of 2015
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    I will admit I am not the biggest Mumford & Sons fan. I like some of their songs. They are extremely catchy, well written, and pretty good lyrically too. Marcus Mumford is a talented vocalist with a great sense of melody, but it almost always takes a few plays for their music to really vibe with me. I chalk it up to their instrument choices. I love acoustic music, but I always saw it as a bare bones way of evoking emotions. Almost all traditional images of acoustic songs appear as a quiet, slow, emotional ballad. Mumford & Sons never gave a damn. They wrote stadium rock epics on acoustic guitars and made it work. Hell, 2012's Babel won the Grammy Album of the Year (it's okay Kanye, Beyoncé didn't have a record out), so they must be doing something right. With the recent release of "Believe" Mumford has shown they are willing to grow as a band, switching from acoustic instruments to electronic which will surely expand their sound.

    Mumford & Sons willingly choosing to change their style and sound is big news for their fans. While it may alienate a large part of their fan-base, think Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home, it should bring in a whole new plethora of people, think Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home. Most people I know aren't in love with acoustic music, and just see themselves as having folk sensibilities. Sure, they like acoustic songs, but repeated acoustic singles with banjos and foot stomps can annoy most people. No disrespect to traditionalist, but it's 2015. The electronic and digital aspect of music has proven that great music and experimental ingenuity is possible by trying different things. By changing their style, Mumford & Sons are definitely looking to bands like U2 and Coldplay. As a stadium folk act, they're already one of the biggest bands in the world. The stadium shaking potential for this switch up is endless, and I'm sure they are aware of that.

    The new single "Believe" is an absolute monster. Slowly building over a synthesized beat, light guitar strums, and Mumford's beautiful vocals, the song transcends into an epic wall of sound by a guitar riff reminiscent of The Edge. Mumford easily proves his vocals will work fine over anything, "So open up my eyes/Tell me I'm alive/This is never gonna go our way/If I'm gonna have to guess what's on your mind." The man wants honesty, and I'm sure, after the initial electric shock, fans are going to give it to them ... think Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home.

    Compare their new track, "Believe," to their live set in the height of Sigh No More's glory, and expect a completely different Mumford & Sons album out later this year:

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