Tame Impala Return With The Epic 'Let It Happen'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Drop everything. Tame Impala is back! After garnering critical acclaim, a Grammy nomination for Best Alterantive Album for 2012's Lonerism, and touring repeatedly, the band is finally back with new material and an album on the way. Today, we get a glimpse into what the band has been working on and it does not disappoint.

    "Let It Happen", apparently the first track on the new album, is everything a Tame Impala fan could want and probably more. For starters the track is incredibly long, I mean it's nearly eight minutes. That is a lot to take in, especially for a band of this powerful musicianship. The psychedelic crew run through different riffs, jamming heavily as the song constantly shifts tempos with varying sounds. The heavier electronic elements the band promised would be there are evident, as synthesizers run wild throughout the song. Not to take away any attention from frontman Kevin Parker's guitar work. He masterfully fills the empty spaces with his instrument adding a wall of sound layered affect that will make many a listener feel as if they're high (they're probably also high).

    The rhythm section is tight with a steady drum beat, allowing the listener a kind of home point to keep their attention focused on, as the other instruments allow the mind to wander off in different directions. As Parker sings, "why would I do it?" I have to question, why not? This dude straight up knows how to entertain. Tame is one of those new-age psychedelic bands that isn't trapped in the 60's. While the influences are obvious, the innovation is too. Tame Impala have definitely grown in their time away and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store.

    Check out "Let It Happen" below and get ready for more great music from Tame Impala coming later this year.

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