Sufjan Stevens Drops The Mesmerizing Single 'Should Have Known Better'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Regardless of Mumford & Sons turning away from their folk past, the folk scene is alive and well. After announcing a new album a few months back, iconic folk act Sufjan Stevens has offered up another cut from his heavily anticipated twelfth album Carrie & Lowell. Promising a return to his folk sound, the song definitely follows through on a positive level.

    "Should Have Known Better" is a powerful statement. It's the type of song an artist releases to let the audience know that things may go a little deeper this time. 12 studio albums into his career and Sufjan still does not disappoint. The calm guitar strumming sounds quiet, but keeps the listener's attention. Sufjan keeps his vocals low, allowing the powerful lyrics to document his emotions more so than the volume of his voice. Painting a desolate image, Sufjan spins a tale of regret. Opening the song with the lyrics, "I should have known better/To see what I could see/My black shroud holding down my feelings," Sufjan obviously has a lot on his mind to get out. The song has a Bon Iver vibe where the bare music still takes the listener on a long journey through a snowy back road. As the background vocals kick in, the beautiful layers of the song slowly reveal themselves and give the song more definition. The most interesting part is the synthesizer that sneakily fits right into the song without ever feeling forced or ill-willed. Sufjan's experimental behavior is on point and intriguing.

    Listen to "Should Have Known Better" below and get stoked for Carrie & Lowell set to be released March 31 on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

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