La Luz's Shana Cleveland Introduces Her Solo Project With 'Golden Days'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    La Luz is the rock band of your lady loving heart, ferocious first, and female as a side bar, lead by strum shouter Shana Cleveland. Though no word of a La Luz split has surfaced, Cleveland is striking out with her solo project: Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles. After several years performing with a rotating influx of musicians dubbed The Sandcastles, Shana is about to serve up her debut solo-ish album Oh Man, Cover The Ground! expected in May. It's set to be an experimentation in laid-back, melody centered music that has a calming vibe that gives the listener a relaxed mindset. To give the masses a proper introduction to her sound, Shana has offered up "Golden Days" as the first single to the upcoming album.

    "Golden Days" starts casually. Opening with reverb drenched acoustic guitar riffs, Shana's voice appears in a monotoned pitch accompanied with a bed of stringed instruments. The folk number never really picks up steam. Even as the chorus kicks around with additional instruments such as drums and light electric guitar work arrive, Shana's vocals never really catch the intensity. In fact, the music barely does either. The additional instruments show a diversity to the songwriting process, the song knows what it wants to do and it accomplishes it. Shana asks, "Who can say what time is right?/Cut across the country length wise/Looking for a solid scene/This one is getting old." Her words are bothered, but her voice is hopeless. It sounds rhetorical, like she already gave up. There are no answers to be found here. This song is for people who want to sit in a certain mood. It won't lift you up or drag you down. It will simply just keep on rolling, just like la life.

    Stream "Golden Days" below and get ready for Oh Man, Cover The Ground! out in May on Suicide Squeeze Records.

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