Kanye's Leaked Love Song 'Awesome' Is Actually Awesome
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Another day, another Kanye West headline. While he gears up for the release of his new album So Help Me God, another new song has hit the web. To be blunt, "Awesome" is strangely beautiful. Akin to "Only One", it is a piano heavy ballad dedicated to an important woman in his life. This time, however, the focus turns from his daughter and mother to his beloved wife, the infamous Kim Kardashian. Much like the absolutely ridiculous "Bound 2," "Awesome" finds Kanye tapping into a level of absurd artistry that you either will love or hate. In my case, I am completely for it. While it does sound like "Bound 2" on drugs, maybe Ye's love for Kim is just his own crazy drug.

    Starting incredibly epic, "Awesome" opens with triumphant brass horns before a piano riff and the cold auto-tuned drenched vocals of Kanye glides into the picture. The lyrics are downright laughable, but honest. There is no way Ye sat down and wrote these words in seriousness. It was reported that "Only One" was free-styled spur of the moment and I hope the same can be said of this. Between telling Kim how awesome she is and reminding her he is also awesome, Kanye adds in hilarious lines like "You don't need to listen to your manager/You're way too hot for them to handle ya." Before getting too silly, Kanye does drop a decent poetic idea that, "I'd rather do nothing with you/Than something with somebody new." Touchingly sweet, admit it!

    Kanye has been opening up recently in his music. While the cold, stark electronics of Yeezus showcased a lot of anger and misgivings on his place in society and his relationships with his friends, recent Ye music has been entirely directed at revealing his loving thoughts going on inside of his head. From the heartfelt "Only One" ballad, to the very good FourFiveSeconds, Ye is definitely simplifying his sound somewhat and singing his heart out. Is the new album the next 808's & Heartbreak without the 808's and heartache? Will he continue to sing about the women he holds most dear? Is this just a ploy to make people realize he is human? Probably all of the above. One can never tell with Kanye and that is what makes him great.

    Check out "Awesome" below and expect So Help Me God to drop very soon.

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