Tupac's Deposition Puts Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne's to Shame
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Justin Bieber's enraging deposition video gave the world yet another reason to loathe the little urchin after it was shared by TMZ yesterday. This Canadian turd obviously isn't the first music star to be hounded by bloodthirsty lawyers. Rapper Lil Wayne had a similarly infamous encounter of such, where he followed the "deny til you die" rule. Although Wayne acted in a pretty badass demeanor, we should remember that this tough guy was still forced to pay $2,195,000 after losing the lawsuit. Idiot.

    One of the many brilliant YouTubers with far too much time on his/her hands mashed Bieber and Wayne's depositions into one terribly stubborn conversation.

    And let's all reflect on a true badass's deposition. Even when speaking to a judge, this guy was brilliantly inspiring.

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