The YouTube Playlist Generator You Never Knew Existed
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    YouTube is full of useful tools that are totally unknown by common viral video viewers. An older feature that we just started fooling around with is YouTube Disco, a tool that assembles lengthy and sturdy playlists based on a specified artist or song title. It's design may seem aesthetically archaic, but that's because the Disco tool was originally introduced in 2010, around the same time that music streaming services like Spotify began to generate mass interest, and it has since been forgotten.

    On my first spin of the Disco tool, I entered the band name "Yeasayer", and was instantly provided with a 37-song playlist of their three-album catalog featuring audio streams, music videos, and live performances without encountering any repeated tracks. The only downfall is that the videos still have the five-second opening advertisement click-aways.

    Testing the wits of the song title option, I entered "Worked Up So Sexual" (a throwback favorite by The Faint). I was gleefully provided with the 46-song playlist below.)

    When you create a playlist up to snuff, by clicking the "Thumbs Up" in the upper right corner, the entire collection will be saved to your YouTube Channels page.

    Try YouTube Disco Here

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