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    Little has been heard from piano virtuoso Dustin O'Halloran since the release of his last LP, Piano Solos Vol. 2, in 2006. If you don't know who Dustin O'Halloran is you are in for a treat. He is a solo pianist originally from Los Angeles, California but now lives in a 19th century villa in Bologna, Italy. His music is full of emotion and reminiscent of some of the great pianists of all time; legends like Frederick Chopin and Erik Satie. He has released two albums (Piano Solos and Piano Solos Vol. 2) that each contain original compositions of beautiful piano ballads. You may not have noticed, but two of the brightest moments in Sophia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette were the two songs that O'Halloran composed for the film.

    So what has Dustin O'Halloran been up to since the release of his last album? Well scoring another movie of course. He has composed the entire score for a film called An American Affair, staring Gretchen Mol, Cameron Bright and Noah Wyle. The film is directed by William Olsen and can be seen in select theaters now. The soundtrack to the film is also now available on Itunes. It is nice to see that O'Halloran is putting his ability to write dramatic and emotive songs to good use in scoring films. Let's just hope this one is better received than Marie Antoinette. -Greg Lozoff

    Dustin O'Halloran on Tour
    27 Mar - Societaetstheater - Dresden, Germany

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