Michael Jackson, Is That You?
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    The Weeknd has been pumping out Starboy music videos lately and each one is a new chapter into this persona the 27-year-old has created for himself. In the latest, the Canadian musician - along with model, Kiko Mizuhara - are on a desolate planet in the new video for "I Feel It Comin'" and it kind of looks like every Michael Jackson video ever (hi "Billie Jean").

    Director Warren Fu stylized the video to look like hazy VHS quality as Abel (The Weeknd) dances around a deserted planet, waiting for the moment when his lover - entombed in stone - will turn back into a human. Well, the moment ends up being very brief and after Abel serenades his girl while she's some sort of sun babe, things get pretty dark. An eclipse turns Mizuhara into back into stone, then she crumbles, and a creepy black snake comes out of the rubble. When Abel goes to reach for the snake, he turns to stone. There isn't really a happy ending to this video but Daft Punk does make a cameo at the end.

    Yes, "I Feel It Comin'" is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's sound. But, The Weeknd really took his admiration for the King Of Pop - along with the comments about being "the closest thing we have to Michael Jackson" - and threw it all into this video. Check out those dance moves.

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