COMING SOON: An Eclectic, Feel-Good Session with AJR
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    We live in an age of music where genres don't really mean much of anything anymore. One person might call a song "indie-pop," another person might call it "alternative dance," and yet another just might call it "rock." When you really think about it, what does "pop" even mean? You can probably find at least five different answers to that question. Anyway, musical styles are constantly blending more and more into each other, and few bands understand this fact better than New York-based trio AJR, who recently dropped by Baeble HQ to play a few upbeat tunes.

    The band of brothers- Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met -began playing music on the streets of New York way back in 2005, busking in places like Washington Square Park and honing their craft by performing covers. Eventually, the trio began writing their own music, which they still record completely on their own in their Chelsea apartment. With inspirations like the Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel as well as old pop records from the 50s and 60s, you'd think AJR would be all about writing vintage, nostalgia-laced pop/rock music. But what has made the band stand out from other DIY bands, and has got them the attention of some big names in music, is their ability to take both old and new styles across multiple genres and fuse them together into a singular sound. Take their single "Weak," for example: You hear the typical styles of radio-friendly indie pop, but then out of nowhere, you can also hear elements of hip-hop, dance music, and even classic rock and doo-wop. The result is a kind of unique sound you really can't pin to a specific genre, but we at least know one thing: It's undeniably AJR.

    The trio's blend of musical styles has rightfully earned them millions of online streams ("Weak" alone has over 100 million Spotify streams), features in movies like Amy Schumer's Trainwreck, and opening spots for big-time acts like Demi Lovato, Train, and Andy Grammer. Not too shabby for a bunch of guys recording music in their pajamas. We're super excited to share AJR's upbeat Baeble session, featuring a stripped-back setup reminiscent of the band's early busking days. Armed with a ukulele and a sampler, this almost-acoustic session will give you an even bigger appreciation for AJR's distinct songwriting skills, so be on the look-out for the premier next week.

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