On The Last Shadow Puppets And Sexual Harassment
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    The Last Shadow Puppets are all-the-talk right now. They've been busy promoting the release of their second album titled Everything You've Come to Expect (out April 1) by doing shows, appearances, and interviews. Also, band members Alex Turner and Miles Kane (particularly Miles Kane) came off as a couple of tasteless, loopy creeps during an interview with Spin journalist, Rachel Brodsky. And she didn't necessarily just brush it off. What should've been an article about her interview with the British-duo and their upcoming album turned into a feature on sexual harassment (specifically in the music industry) and how uncomfortable Miles Kane made Brodsky feel during the meeting that took place in the hotel lobby of Manhattan's Bowery Hotel.

    Brodsky starts her article as she normally would after a journalist conducts an interview with a band. She talks about the extravagant threads they were both wearing and how they appeared visibly (understandably) drained when she met them in the lobby. She gives a little background on how Alex Turner is the frontman of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane left The Rascals after opening for Arctic Monkeys and befriending Turner (other members are Zach Dawes from Mini Mansions and James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco). But the interview seemed to take a turn from the get-go when Kane giggled like a schoolgirl and pointed out Turner's bulge under his pants - putting Brodsky in a pretty awkward position.

    The inappropriate comments continued from Kane as he invited Brodsky up to the room, stared her down like he wanted to eat her alive, and yanked her hand to reel her in for a non-consensual/uncomfortable kiss on the cheek. What could've been an interview talking about how pleasant Kane and Turner are, while focusing on why the hell people should buy Everything You've Come to Expect, turned into Brodsky nervously fiddling for small-talk subjects like asking them if they'd rather pick "Oasis or Blur?" to avoid blurting out what she really felt and possibly losing her career.

    How did a woman journalist go into an interview - doing a job she loves - only to have her excitement taken away and her career put on the line because of a man who decided to act post-pubescent. This happens far too often in the music industry...whether it's producers like Dr. Luke, publicists like Heathcliff Berru, or band members like Miles Kane. In many cases, the woman feels the need to "keep things quiet" about a time she's felt taken advantage of by a man in order to maintain her career. Rachel Brodsky's interview with Alex Turner and Miles Kane took place in a hotel lobby, but what if it wasn't such a public place? A woman in any industry shouldn't be put in an uncomfortable position by a guy who's abusing his "power" because of gender inequality. More women are starting to have a voice in situations like these so let's hope the scumbag guys out there can stop being scumbags.

    Oh, and The Last Shadow Puppets have a new music video out for "Everything You've Come to Expect" from their upcoming album.

    [In the interest of full disclosure, Baeble also had the opportunity to interview Miles Kane & Alex Turner at the Bowery Hotel...a piece that we'll be running in the near future, and while our writer did not face the harassment Rachel Brodsky did, we still support her in this trying time.]

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