Now Playing: The Rua Enchant In Session
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Musical homes tend to breed musical people. The inspirations are found everywhere; the AM radio station that was always on in the kitchen or the car, the older brother with an incredible record collection, the random instruments scattered around the house. Growing up around music tends to provide that spark to create...sometimes moving more than one inhabitant of a musical home.

    Such is the case with the band featured in our newest Dead Kitten Session. The Rua are a family trio who specialize in the kind of stirring songwriting that's chock full of inspirational stories, dramatic orchestrations, and unexpected, tonal trajectories. Through the three songs offered here ("Stand Out", "Fight for What's Right", and "Without You") and some thoughtful insight into their creation, it's clear to see that Jonathan, Roseanna, and Allana are on an exciting journey together. Though it started years ago in their childhood home, it's only now begun to blossom for the band. Get on board before The Rua supernova.

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