the roundup: our five favorite videos from the week that was
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2011

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We like music videos. We like lists. We like reminiscing. The Roundup is our way of celebrating such things. While perusing the internets for instant audio visual satisfaction this week, we learned a few things. 1. SIMS sees through the "green" veil in "One Dimensional Man". 2. Ponytail takes us to Coney Island in "Easy Peasy". 3. Junip pays homage to a band members father. 4. The Strokes gave a live preview of Angles on SNL. 5. Pee-Wee Herman explained the meaning of Lent on Conan. To The Roundup!

    SIMS- "One Dimensional Man"

    SIMS' Doomtree sanctioned album Bad Time Zoo is a favorite 'round the office, and with the release of a new video for "One Dimensional Man", the Minnesota based MC is is nudging his way in even closer to our hearts. Here, our man questions the roles of profiteers and consumers of the green movement, dropping lines like "You switched up now you're buying all organic/Screaming save the planet/But you won't even save your neighbor damnit".

    Watch the full video at

    Ponytail - "Easy Peasy"

    Baltimores art-rockers, Ponytail, last week released the single Easy Peasy off their forthcoming full-length, Do Whatever You Want All The Time. Listening to Easy Peasy alone offered a transient, psychedelic trip, and now, with help from director, Ray Concepcion, Ponytail has provided a music video to extend the track's carnival ride. The video is compiled of the 2010 Siren Festival performances at Coney Island. No Wayfarers needed for this boardwalk visit, Conception guides the camera lens through his own shady specs.

    We caught a Ponytail performance a few years back at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

    Ponytail || Easy Peasy from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

    Junip- "In Every Direction"

    The hypnotic fuzz that encases Junip's third Fields single "In Every Direction" meets a trippy montage of visuals in the song's dedicated video. The piece serves as a tribute to drummer Elias Araya's father, Kent Karlsson; an artist and sculptor whose work makes up a majority of the video.

    Watch the full video at

    The Strokes- "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight"

    Watching Miley Cyrus host SNL was a brutal experience. Luckily, they paired her along side The Strokes, which eased our qualms. The long-awaited Angles is nearing its release date, and the chance to hear the debut of its track "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight" performed live was quite pleasing.

    Pee-Wee Herman on Conan

    Pee-Wee's visit with Conan Wednesday night may not be a music video, but it was certainly memorable. In his iconic, gray suit, Pee-Wee waterskied onto the set to explain the meaning behind one of the more confusing religious ceremonies. Though he lacked the guidance of Jambi, he was assisted by a Jesus-clad Conan. And now we know why so many women will avoid chocolate for the next 40 days (it finally makes sense coming from Pee-Wee).

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