charlie sheen auto-tuned
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Though the utter insanity that is the Charlie Sheen debacle has been referenced to death this past week, did you really think we would be able to resist throwing in some commentary as well? Of course not. We gave you some clips from last week's SNL, in which Bill Hader provides the second best Sheen impression after Jimmy Fallon, and now there is more! We can always trust the Gregory Brothers (otherwise known by their street name, the G. Bros) to autotune the latest ridiculousness to sweep the technological world, and the Charlie Sheen "winning" streak is no exception. In fact, it is pretty much the perfect candidate for their famous videos, so watch below for the 411 on musical tiger blood.

    There are contemplative moments, excited proclomations, and all sorts of hilarity that makes us chuckle and sends Charlie further into the depths of his delusion. I don't think anyone ever told Charlie Sheen that Wall Street was just a movie and this kind of lavish, eccentric behavior is not accepted in normal life. EVEN IN HOLLYWOOD. That is saying something, Buddy! No pun intended. Well, if we can't help him, at least we can auto-tune him. Enjoy:

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