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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 2010

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    SXSW is a self-aware clusterf*ck of an event. Aside from being a drunken sloppy mess of half-showered music lovers looking for the next free drink, literally HUNDREDS of parties are happening simultaneously. Hundreds of bands are shuffling around the Texas town, playing an exhaustive schedule and looking for as much exposure as possible. Sorting through those ridiculously long lists on websites like Austin360 can be quite a hassle... so I did it for you! If you paid a million dollars (approximation) for a badge, good for you! But what a waste! There are more free, badge-less events than you can possibly attend, so lets talk about some of them.

    Here are some great events with ridiculous bands (ALL FREE). I'm starting on Wednesday because earlier in the week seems a little mute to me. Not the Fadar Fort is still a big secret (as always) and I'm not downloading any apps to find out. The big names are going to be a surprise anyway so if you go, you're rolling your own dice in a glass fort (huh?). Anyway, onward! Our recommended course of events:


    Paste Day Party

    Aside from obvious heavy hitters Free Energy, Frightened Rabbit and Suckers, you should also see the excellent Joe Pug (no relation). Freelance Whales too! Start it off RIGHT.


    Baeble Music Day Party @The Scoot Inn

    'Nuff said. Honestly we've got one of the tightest lineups of the day parties on Thursday, do NOT miss it. Aside from the obvious Holy F*ck, Dosh (Andrew Bird's eclectic drummer), we've got the hottest new band to hit SXSW this year. Happy Hollows. Done. Then you can cruise on down to:

    Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

    Aside from their reputation and a few unknown gems, Dinosaur Feathers (from BK) and Princeton (who had a great record) make this free event totally worth it.

    FRIDAY, MARCH 19th

    Filter Magazine's Showdown

    Um, those last four are some HEAVY HITTERS! BRMC just came out with a pretty decent new effort, and Dr. Dog? Not to mention the always eccentric and wonderful Local Natives, and Nneka, a great new up-and-coming.

    Pitchfork/Windish Showcase

    If Filter isn't your bread and butter, go hipster on us and check out the Pitchfork lineup. Bonus round on Saturday night, but that one may not be so easy to attend.

    Friday night I recommend doing a little exploring, walk around town and maybe hit up Magnolia Cafe for a midnight snack. Saturday you gon' be busy!


    Brooklyn Vegan Day Party

    More of the heavy hitters, fo' sho.

    Stereogum Range Life

    Some big names like Gibbard, and some small AMAZING names like Morning Benders. FREE!

    Remember, drink a lot (of water), stay cool, and have fun.

    SXSW: not your Grandpa's CMJ. See you there (drunk).-joe puglisi

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