ok go and emi break up
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 2010

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    The infamous videomongers have decided that EMI is no longer for them, according to a newsletter that just went out to the fans. Looks like they will be paying for their own treadmills and warehouses full of cause-and-effect machines.

    The break seems to be amicable, with neither side smearing the other.* It also appears they've formed their own "label".
    The band has left the EMI family of corporations to form their own enterprise, a homemade upstart called Paracadute. In addition to being humanity's second most fun word to say ("pamplemousse" was taken), Paracadute is really just a way for the boys to continue doing what they've always done. Which is whatever they want.

    Another nail in the coffin, so to speak. Keep f*cking that chicken, music industry! -joe puglisi


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