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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 2010

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    It's not a stretch to call Minus The Bear the kings of math-rock. And although they're not the mathiest in the world, but they've always done a darn good job mixing math, prog, emo and 90's post-hardcore into some pretty palletable stuff.

    The first single of their upcoming release, OMNI, is out and if it's any indicator of what's to come, they've added dance rock to their already pretty crowded repetroire. The single, "My Time" is a synth'd-out electro diddy that is definitely one of the more upbeat Minus The Bear tunes to come out in a while.

    Stay through the whole song to hear the most uncharacteristically funky bridge. But all in all, "My Time" is definitely a cool take on the Minus The Bear formula.-Ryan Broderick

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    MP3:"My Time" - OMNI
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