Now Playing: Leela James Delivers A Much Needed Shot of Feel Good Soul
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 01, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Today we're serving up a straight shot of some much-needed soul, courtesy of feel-good vocalist, Leela James. With a pianist and a pair of backup singers in tow, the lovely Los Angelino swung by Baeble HQ recently, previewing songs from her oh-so-soon-to-be-released album, Did It For Love (coming this Friday!), in a breezy, stripped down setting.

    Performing four songs, it's easy to see how this "sanger" is staying true to the simple advice she once gleamed from the one and only James Brown. "One of the things that will always stick out to me was when he was like, 'We gotta keep soul music alive...I'm going to pass on the torch to you!'", she told us during our conversation. We also learned a bit about her musical journey from writing poetry as a kid, to eventually recording loving tributes to likes of Sam Cooke, Etta James, and of course, James Brown. Now six albums into her career, Leela has established herself as one of soul music's most vibrant musical staples. With her radiant personality beaming, all at Baeble HQ were feeling the truly positive vibes James and her band were dishing out. Now it's your turn.

    Order Leela's new album, Did It For Love, now.

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