The Kills Are 'Doing It To Death'
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 01, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    The Kills have made a major comeback with their latest music video, "Doing It To Death," off the upcoming new album Ash & Ice. After years of inactivity, it's clear that The Kills' return will be one in which the duo haven't lost the sharpness and grittiness that propelled the band's vibrant range of bluesy tunes. Their sleek and chic funeral procession, which incorporates a long line of goofy, lurching men in strangely-fitted suits, represents the perfect take on a rebirth of the duo's fuzzy blues energy packed with quirks and choppy synths that's sure to make a kick upon the release of the album.

    There's a cool mix of surfy, buzzing guitar riffs, eerie vocal harmonies with the good type of dead-sounding backing vocals, and a very creepy organ all tying together to create a track to come back from the "dead" with.

    It's nice to know that The Kills will be returning with the blues arrangements that the duo have mastered and can still find great harmonies to add to the eerie hooks that distill their sound into something that is super driven and catchy. The latest release is gritty and raw as ever, and there's lots of hope that staying in that direction will make Ash & Ice yet another Kills album that will be can't miss.

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