This Week In Music: The News In 13 Sentences
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 01, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We're not all lucky enough to be on top of the latest news in the music industry, and sometimes so much can happen in a single week that big news can get lost between the cracks. We're here to refresh your memories by reminding you of what happened this week in 13 always quick, often snarky sentences.

    1. Kanye unexpectedly had a lapse in judgement and criticized Justin Timberlake, The Grammys, corporations, and money; and it's unfortunate that everyone can't make tons of money the honest, old-fashioned way - you know, with a sex tape.

    2. Shout Out Louds reminded us of Sweden's pop purity with Optica, and explained, in our interview, its druggy Disney influences.

    3. Hype Machine revealed the Hype Hotel party schedule, and there's a particular guest we're excited about (it's us!).

    4. Dear Morrissey, animals can't buy your albums, nor can they purchase tickets to your regularly cancelled shows, so maybe you should cool it with the boo-hoo vegan crap.

    5. Kishi Bashi is magical in our latest session video.

    6. Justin Timberlake continues his world domination as he collaborates with Marcus Mumford on the soundtrack of a new Coen Brothers flick.

    7. Thom Yorke rewrites the book on jazz hands in the wildly choreographed Atoms For Peace "Ingenue" music video.

    8. The Veils are back, and we're pretty damned excited.

    9. The Stone Temple Pilots fire frontman Scott Weiland, and in other news, I'm really good at that "When the dogs begin to smell her" part of that one song, if they're, you know, looking for a replacement...

    10. In the same day, Juicy J remixed Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations", and Azealia Banks took The Strokes out of "Barely Legal", and we politely ask to please stop this at once.

    11. David Bowie makes growing old look terrifying alongside Tilda Swinton in "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" music video, and shares a preview of The Next Day.

    12. We spoke with Hutch Harris from The Thermals about death and killing...and his band's new album.

    13. In addition to our involvement with Hype Hotel, we're also throwing our annual Launch Pad party down in Austin, and we're hosting some pretty awesome talent.

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