the guest apartment: the boxer rebellion
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 01, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There is a reason some bands keep at it for so long. There's an overriding the work and in those who have given their livelihood to artistic creation. Such is the story of The Boxer Rebellion; a London based quartet who have stuck together for three albums, and the better part of a decade. Through tiresome day jobs and busted record labels, The Boxer Rebellion have persevered and now seem poised to reap the payoffs their newest album The Cold Still is sure to produce.

    An album of unquestionable thought and introspection, The Boxer Rebellion lay much of The Cold Still's dramatic weight on the placid, vocal presence Nathan Nicholson fronts the outfit with. Through ten heart wrenching songs, Nicholson leads compositions that climb stratospheric heights at times, and plunge off the peaks into quiet pools of solitude at others. It's dramatic stuff, and it's part of the reason our get together with the band in The Guest Apartment is so very perfect.

    Joined by bassist Adam Harrison, Nicholson puts very little between you and The Boxer Rebellion's most powerful instrument in this session, revealing songs that carry a variety of emotional gravity in the process. Completely depressed? Blissfully happy? We'll let you figure it out. Just don't be surprised if these acoustic renditions of "Cause for Alarm", "Doubt", and "Organ Song" have the tendency to touch on both polar states of being. After all, that's what great songs do, finding listeners of all emotional dispositions. What better time to find The Boxer Rebellion than in this stirring segment of The Guest Apartment.

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    The Guest Apartment: The Boxer Rebellion

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