A Guide To Self Love: 10 Songs To Make You Feel Good
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Sometimes being self-aware and loving yourself is hard. Especially around this time of year, when Valentine's Day is approaching and everyone is partnering up to ensure their cute Instagram posts and chocolate gifts. But screw that -- why have someone buy you chocolates when you know that on February 15th your favorite candy will be 75% off and you can get it yourself? Nothing is more rewarding! Embrace the self love and listen to these 10 indie songs that are guaranteed to make you feel good.

    1. "Out Of My Head" - Charli XCX, Tove Lo, ALMA

    "Drop all my morals, I just wanna sin," Tove Lo sings right before breaking into the dopest hook of all time. Not only is this song about forgetting about someone who ain't good for you, but it's sung by three strong AF women whose support is clear and infectious.

    2. "Bout You" - VÉRITÉ

    In this extremely aggressive, hip hop-tinged pop track, VÉRITÉ wants you to know that she is 100% "not thinking ‘bout you." If that's not empowering, I'm not sure what is.

    3. "This Body" - Baum

    "I call this body my home," LA singer-songwriter Baum sings after she lets us know that she's not a Barbie doll and doesn't own anything in pink. Just in case you were wondering. It's an extremely powerful anthem about taking control of your life and not giving in to untrue stereotypes.

    4. "Buy Me Diamonds" - Bea Miller

    "Save your love and buy me diamonds," Miller sings after admitting she's decided to leave her partner behind in the first verse. Know your worth! Show your confidence! Someone ain't treatin' you right? Cut them loose and get yourself something that won't ever make you cry: diamonds.

    5. "Water Me" - Lizzo

    In order to take care of a plant, you must water it. The same thing goes for your body, and Lizzo - queen of self love - knows this. On this track she sings "I am my inspiration." I mean, aren't we all our own inspiration? And the song feels super empowering sonically as well.

    6. "The Opener" - Camp Cope

    For the DIY punk rock peeps out there! This empowering, angsty tune is about women always being the opener for men -- never the headliner. It's time to end the show!

    7. "Don't Kill My Vibe" - Sigrid

    Yes, we've all probably heard this song by now -- it's in heavy rotation for good reason. Don't kill my vibe! It's as simple as that. Because I am perfect and amazing and having a great time over here without you, carry on.

    8. "Split Stones" - Maggie Rogers

    This song just sounds like Maggie Rogers is climbing a mountain. Go on! Book your ticket to Mount Everest! You got this.

    9. "All Falls Down" - Alan Walker ft. Noah Cyrus

    "When it all falls down, I'll be fine." What's more empowering than that? Plus, that hook drop… You can't help but love yourself and dance it out during that drop.

    10. "New Rules" - Dua Lipa

    Okay, Dua Lipa isn't really indie… But c'mon, this is today's biggest self-love anthem. We had to include it.

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