The Chainsmokers' Secret Weapon Belts Out A Soulful NEXT Session
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    How many times have you heard this before: "I don't like pop music. It's got no soul, man!" We probably all know that one Motown disciple or that underground college scenester who would say something along those lines, right? Well, it's no doubt that they're missing out on some really good pop music that actually has some grit to it, as best proven by Elizabeth Mencel, aka ROZES.

    Following in the same path of Halsey or Banks, ROZES uses her vocal talents to destroy the stereotype that all electronic music is cold and unnatural. A quick listen to any of her songs, from her many collaborations to her stellar solo work, will prove that ROZES knows how to give a song life, whether its done unplugged or done with synths. Armed with a voice that backs as much old-fashioned R&B as modern-day pop, ROZES can give anything she sings on plenty of heart and plenty of personality that will last for days.

    ROZES has the certain kind of voice that sticks with you long after you heard it for the first time, so you might remember her from her collaboration on the song "Roses" by the Chainsmokers. With over 200 million views on YouTube and nearly half a billion streams on Spotify, you'd have to be living in a hole in the desert to have not heard this song at least once in your life. As a co-writer and lead singer on the song, ROZES very clearly proved she has the chops to write a megahit, and lucky for us, she's not done writing hits yet. Her debut EP, Burn Wild, gave the singer plenty of room to show off her sensual and bluesy voice over some heavy electronic grooves. If you loved the song "Roses," then you're going to feel right at home with ROZES' solo work thanks to its heavy supply of catchy hooks and personality.

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