Thundercat Should Be Your New Favorite Bassist
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Thundercat, whose extensive repertoire shows the technical jazz influence he has on contemporary snyth pop and rap styles of music, recently shared an untitled track produced in collaboration with experimental titan Mono/Poly. Thundercats versatile abilities blend incredibly smoothly into the choral and synth-filled wall of sound Mono/Poly has so well established.

    Its refreshing to see the way in which Thundercats abilities and know-how in regards to creating thick, buzzy, experimental bass tones fits into Mono/Polys general style of music which often confines itself with a lack of non-electronic and non-synth sounds. Its pretty hard to imagine any other bassist with the capacity to jump right into such a pioneering and complex role as he has done in the past.

    Though bass is often regarded for its role as a provider of deeper sounds and root notes, Thundercat has distinguished himself with some of the most iconic riffs and tones any bassist has put forth within the last decade. Work he has done with Suicidal Tendencies, Flying Lotus, and the latest Kendrick Lamar album is just some of the ways in which Thundercat has used his talents purely as an instrumentalist to innovate and explore the potential one well-versed bassist can have.

    You can dig the track here at 14:20.

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