Sufjan Stevens Can Still Break Your Heart
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Sufjan Steven released one of our top ten records of last year with his sparse and emotionally haunting seventh LP, Carrie & Lowell. The concept record about the death of his estranged mother and his relationship with his stepfather was a return to Sufjan's folk roots after the avant-garde production of the (underrated) Age of ADZ. And if you didn't have a chance last year to head out to any of Sufjan's tour dates in support of the new record, you're in luck. Sufjan is bringing his tour to you in his video for the title track off the last record.

    The video for "Carrie & Lowell" arrived last night and it's a live recording of a Sufjan show in Charleston South, Carolina. The audio isn't the best but it's a live performance so I'm not too upset. And while some of the guitars and vocals bleed into each other in a way that isn't as pristine as the production on the album itself, Sufjan makes up for it through the sheer nostalgic and melancholic drama of the performance. This is making me very sad that I couldn't join our content manager when he made a trip to Wisconsin last summer to see the Eaux Claires festival.

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