Premiere: The Lonely Biscuits 'Ma'am'
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    The Lonely Biscuits have a memorable name and a unique indie-pop sound that makes them pretty unforgettable.

    The band recently dropped their new single, "Ma'am" off their upcoming debut album and Baeble is stoked to be home to the premiere of the official video.

    Simple in concept, the guys dressed in matching gray sweatpants, white t-shirts and baseball caps stand in a row under a hand painted "The Lonely Biscuits" sign. The music starts and they launch into a freakin' adorable choreographed dance routine. Watching the guys move through the steps, complete with ass pats and little spins, it's kind of amazing they managed to keep straight faces throughout.

    We got the guys to give us the inside scoop on what it was really like filming "Ma'am" and some of their secrets might surprise you.

    Check out our exclusive Q&A and click play to take their video for a spin below!

    How did you come up with the concept for the video?
    We spent a few days trying to come up with a full concept and story line for a music video for "Ma'am" and couldn't come up with anything that fit. Sam came up with the idea that we should incorporate some dancing into the video and we started choreographing right away.

    Who choreographed it?
    The choreography was a group effort. We cleared out our living room downstairs and spent a good four hours creating and practicing the dance. Then we ran to Wal-Mart and picked out the matching outfits and filmed the final take in the garage an hour later.

    Who in the band had the hardest time learning the routine?
    We were all struggling an equal amount in the beginning but we're able to pull through in the end. There were almost a few fatal accidents while trying to hoist John into the air in unison.

    Will you be incorporating any of the fancy footwork in future shows?
    Ever since freshman year we've wanted to bust into some sort of dance at our live shows. We can't promise anything, but if a couple fans were able to learn all the moves, it'd be cool to bring them up on stage to break it down while we play.

    Youre all dressed in identical outfitsis that going to be a thing for your live shows going forward?
    Although we are all very fashion forward, we don't know if we could pull that off.

    What makes this a stand out TLB song?
    For a few months we were having trouble writing something that felt natural, and this song sort of came out of no where and felt great since day one. The recording fits the raw, energetic vibe that we try to translate from our live shows and this song set the tone for some other new music.

    How many times did you have to do the routine the day of the shoot?
    At least a baker's dozen.

    Since then have you found yourself doing any extra spins or ass grabs in your daily life?
    We find ourselves spinning sometimes when walking in and out of doorways.. Other than that the making of this video hasn't lead to an increase in our spinning or ass grabbing activity, however we've always been down for a little grab-assin'.

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