Albums We Can't Wait For This February
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Jason Greenspan

    February is underway. And while most people are concerned with their Valentines Day plans, we here at Baeble are more interested in upcoming albums. #priorities. Take a look at ten of the releases that we think you'll fall in love with.

    Father John Misty - I Love You Honeybear 2/9/15
    A.k.a. Josh Tillman of Fleet Foxes, Misty has produced an important follow up to his acclaimed 2012 release, Fear Fun. Occult imagery, playful blasphemy, acute satire, and scathing honesty make his latest a must-listen. Also; beard.

    Rone - Creatures 2/9/15
    Rone's Music is the sonic equivalent of diving into an electronic swimming pool filled with velvety space goo. The French producer pals around with EDM heavyweights and has even collaborated with The Nationals. Listen to Sir Orfeo off of the upcoming LP, and keep this guy on your radar.

    The Subways - The Subways 2/9/15
    This U.K. trio produces grimy brit-punk with just enough pop to appeal to a broader spectrum of listeners. Think Sex Pistols if they had recorded with Jet's producer. This eponymous release will be their fourth after a decade in the industry.

    The Vespers - Sisters and Brothers 2/10/15 Composed of two sisters and two brothers, this Nashville troupe is making folk a family affair. They're a great example of the Americana/roots movement that's been so successful as of late. Carefree banjo, beautiful harmonies and uplifting messages make this crew an essential entry to your February watch-list.

    The Districts - A Flourish And A Spoil 2/10/15
    If you're familiar with their self-titled first album, you'll immediately notice the ramped up tempo and intensity of this sophomore release. These dudes push out hard-edged indie rock rife with raw emotion. In their own words, "We write honest music and are passionate about doing so." We like the sound of that.

    José Gonz´lez - Vestiges & Claws 2/17/15 This smooth Swedish singer/songwriter is known for his nastiness on the nylon strings and his contemplative, deep lyrical content. Selling points for Vestiges & Claws include but are not limited to: chill vibes, existential curiosity, and beautifully poetic instrumentation. Check out the delightfully awkward video for "Leaf Off/The Cave" here and get in the mood.

    Slutever - Almost Famous 2/17/15
    They've already released "Smother" off of the album, and it's expectedly raw and raucous. This L.A. duo will win your heart with their real-ass punk rock, and then proceed to tear it out and feast on it just for kicks.

    King Khan & the BBQ Show - Bad News Boys - 2/24/15
    The self-proclaimed "renegade savior angels" of rock return with a collection of crunchy garage rock sure to satisfy. They've cast their rocky past aside, and we're thankful for that as long as it means more of their music.

    Alien Ant Farm - Always And Forever 2/24/15
    It's about time that these new millennium rockers decided to drop some new music. Who can forget the awesomely aggressive "Smooth Criminal"? We're talking serious nostalgia here, not to mention crazy excitement for the upcoming release.

    Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer 2/24/15
    Deacon is cooking up a full meal of mellow electronica slated for release toward the end of the month. His music is atmospheric and dense, with just the right amount of crazy. Watch a couple of couches copulate in the satisfyingly strange video for "Feel The Lightning".

    Public Service Broadcasting - The Race For Space 2/24/15
    Futuristically funky indie rock is this U.K. duo's calling card. Watch J. Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth get down in their dope video for "Gagarin" off of the forthcoming album. If you haven't heard of these guys, consider this a public service announcement.

    Mat Kearney - Just Kids 2/24/15
    Mat Kearney's got soul. His warm vocals and smooth, rhythmic tunes make his music appropriate for backyard bonfires, friday night pre-games, and really most any occasion where quality sounds are required. He'll be touring in March to support Just Kids, so grab your tickets and get pumped for the release.

    Diet Cig - Over Easy 2/24/15
    This New Paltz, NY duo have only released two tracks off of their forthcoming album, but the buzz is growing fast. Alex Luciano's sweet voice and honest lyrics pair perfectly with Noah Bowman's raw instrumentation. Check out the new video for their song Scene Sick, and make sure to keep an eye on these charming New Paltz players.

    Kid Rock - First Kiss 2/24/14
    Yes, I know. But all jokes aside, Kid Rock is America. While he's not exactly in our wheelhouse, and a somewhat laughable addition to this list, the dude dropped Devil Without A Cause back in '98 and changed the game, for better or for worse. He's since gone country pop-rock, and created a white-trash cruise extravaganza, but he's done it with swagger. Look/listen to Bawitdaba for some nostalgia, and check out the new single First Kiss to get pumped for the album, if you're into that sort of thing.

    Say Lou Lou - Lucid Dreaming 2/24/15
    The Australian/Swedish dream pop duo have only been around since 2013, but they've managed to establish quite the following. Their sound is big and, as the genre (and album name) suggests, dreamy. A wash of spacey electronic effects and deep house beats make their music as chill as it is danceable.

    Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - Good Light 2/26/15
    Drew Holcomb's hauntingly beautiful voice is matched only by his poetic, intelligent lyricism. His polished folk rock Americana is poignant and thoughtfully realized. He and the Neighbors have opened for The Avett Brothers and Susan Tedeschi, and his songs have been featured on "House M.D." and "How I Met Your Mother".

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