The Beach Boys to Perform at Grammys
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Take one listen to Oh, Inverted World or Merriweather Post Pavilion, and you'll hear at least one shared major influence on these two records. We could actually name just about every single indie act with pop sensibilities and point to this shared influence. Of course, we're talking about The Beach Boys, and specifically, we're referring to their magnum opus, Pet Sounds. Brian Wilson remains one of the greatest pop songwriters of all time and never was his complex and experimental talents on better display than that nearly perfect LP. The Beach Boys will be performing together (as the whole group) for the first time in decades at the Grammys, but for reasons that are finally starting to shed light on Bon Iver's decision not to perform, the Grammy's may be screwing up this momentous occasion.

    Bon Iver decided not to perform at the Grammy's because he was going to have to be part of a medley of other performers rather than having the band play on their own. The Beach Boys must not care as much as Justin Vernon because they will be part of a set including Foster the People (confusing but not rage inducing) and also Maroon 5... (the ellipses are sufficient to convey our emotion). We simply can't wrap our mind around the Grammy's decision to not let one of the greatest acts of all of time perform onstage by themselves. Maybe the actual performance will blow us away but until then, we have to shake our head in disbelief at this odd move. Still, the chance to see Brian Wilson with the rest of the gang for the first time in years and years should make this transgression bearable.

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