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    The first few minutes of Odd Blood hit like a gargantuan machine waking up: gears are grinding, the low rumbled voice of what could be Chris Keating, or an amalgamation of the band's collected vocals chopped up and reprocessed, spewing difficult to understand lyrics, and the horns are obscured by the sound of metal works and synthetic propulsion, all coming together like a robot being built and charged. Upon first listening all preconceived notions of Yeasayer are left at the launch pad, and you better get ready for blast-off. These guys are not joking when they reinvent their psych-pop wheel. They've ditched drums for pads, organic harmonies for reverberated cries, and tribal chants for futuristic loops. In short, at first it feels like a hallucinogenic trip, and then it melts away into pure genius.

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    MP3:"Ambling Alp" - Odd Blood
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