NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session With Haley Reinhart
    • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2018

    • Posted by: Shane Croghan

    American Idol alum Haley Reinhart stopped by Baeble HQ for an intimate acoustic session and you can watch the whole performance, as well as an interview with Haley, now. Haley brought her powerful voice, with accompaniment from Dylan Chambers on guitar and backing vocals, as she ran through three songs from her third studio album What's That Sound?.

    The album, musically and aesthetically, finds its inspiration in the halcyon days of the late 60s, and Reinhart proudly wears this on her sleeve. Even the title of the LP, What's That Sound?, is a line taken from Buffalo Springfield's iconic track "For What It's Worth", which is covered on the album. She frames her reiterated message of peace, love, and understanding in a vocal style reminiscent of 60s icons like Grace Slick and Nancy Sinatra, performing these songs with that trademark raspy jazz vocal.

    She's cited the cover songs on the album as some of the most influential in forming her musical tastes and this comes across in her visible joy when she performs for Baeble. It's a nostalgic session, comprised of two original songs and a beautiful cover of The Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon", given new life by Reinhart's vocal range.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy our latest Baeble NEXT Session with Haley Reinhart now.

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