Beyonce For Babies? 'Rockabye Baby!' Will Soon Release Bey Cover Album
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Jack Labbe

    Rockabye Baby! has been producing lullaby renditions of popular music for more than a decade. They've never shied away from artists that are inappropriate for children, past albums include David Bowie, Kanye West, Metallica, and Nirvana. It's perfect for the music-nerd parent as they begin their never ending mission to force music onto their offspring. I get it though, there is no way my child will fall asleep to anything other than the Bruce Springsteen album. It's friggen adorable!

    With the announcement of a Beyonce album, we are wondering if this will be the unborn twins' first intro to Bey's catalogue (although they'll both have a front row seat to her Coachella performance). But I can see it now: Beyonce whispering "peep my mixtape fam" as she tucks the twins into bed at night, cueing up her lullabies.

    The xylophone instrumental version of "Hold Up" has been released as a single with the rest of the album Lullaby Renditions of Beyonce set to be released online on February 24th. The other songs featured on this album include other Lemonade tracks, as well as a few throwbacks including "Say My Name" from her Destiny's Child days. Listen to "Hold Up" and see if it lives up to the magic that is the original.

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