A Touch of Southern Sweetness with Colony House
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Colony House is the most "rock 'n' roll" band of all time. Every member is married (frontman Caleb Chapman found love and got married at nineteen, lucky man), a few of them have children back at home, and they give the best handshakes. But when you hear their singles like "You & I" or "You Know It," the breezy, west coast-inspired guitars and clashing drums may have you fooled. These indie rockers are the definition of Southern hospitality, so when they stopped by Baeble HQ straight from Tennessee, sitting down and having a conversation with them was the highlight of our week. They may slay on their instruments, but their kindness is a truly refreshing trait.

    Fresh off the release of their sophomore record, Only The Lonely, this was the first interview the band did after the release, and you could feel the relief in the air. Their excitement and eagerness to finally have the album out in the world after pushing it back was almost tangible. While making the album, they were also coming off of a lengthy tour, which served as inspiration for this latest effort. "You come home and no one pressed pause on life while you're gone..." Chapman explained to us. "Everyone is happy to have you home but at the same time, everyone has to keep living life. That's what this whole album is about: learning how to cope with life on the road and life at home together."

    "We come here a lot these days," the band said when we asked how they're liking the city. "We say New York feels a little smaller every time." Well it looks like they'll be making a lot more stops here. Now that Only The Lonely is out in the world, we can definitely expect another tour from these sweet Southern Colony House boys.

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