Lady Gaga Knocks The National Anthem Out Of The Ball Park
    • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I'm an unashamed Lady Gaga stan...for her first two albums. The Fame and The Fame Monsters are straight up pop classics, and I will brook no disagreement on that front. Artpop and Born This Way are less successful, but to me, there's just no denying that Lady Gaga is a considerable talent. And some folks might have scoffed at the notion that she was chosen to perform "The National Anthem" (the actual song and not the Radiohead number) at this year's Super Bowl and not a more traditional vocalist considering Gaga's roots in performance art. Well, those haters were officially proven wrong (and longtime fans were reminded how fantastic Gaga's vocals are) when she absolutely slayed to kick off yesterday's festivities.

    But seriously, now that you've done your Tony Bennett album to re-establish your musical bonafides, Gaga, can we get another record as chock full of pop anthems as The Fame Monster and can we get it soon? Thanks!

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