This Week In Music: The News In 13 Sentences
    • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    We're not all lucky enough to be on top of the latest news in the music industry, and sometimes so much can happen in a single week that big news can get lost between the cracks. We're here to refresh your memories by reminding you of what happened this week in always quick, often snarky sentences.

    1. Against better judgement, Fall Out Boy will reunite.

    2. Beyonce was a "smash" at the Super Bowl.

    3. After 21 years, finally My Bloody Valentine released a new album, and during that time, they couldn't think of a more creative title than m b v.

    4. We got to hang out with Kishi Bashi.

    5. Dave Grohl pretended to be Chelsea Handler and interviewed Elton John, who will also appear on the new Queens of the Stone Age.

    6. Guns N' Roses will also headline Governors Ball, which is still somehow less ridiculous than Pitchfork's headliners.

    7. Al Pacino stars as Phil Spector in the HBO bio-pic, and it's as creepy as it sounds.

    8. Desaparecidos make a vapid attempt at musical protest.

    9. Prince influenced us to explore the history of sexy, sexy foods.

    10. McLovin starred in the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra video.

    11. Vampire Weekend announced their upcoming album, Modern Vampires in the City, in the New York Times classifieds, rising the cockiness level to an all-time high.

    12. Thom Yorke probably did something.

    13. Jack White, too.

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