MP3: Leonard Friend
    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    Ex-XYZ Affair member Alex Feder has started an electronic-pop project called Leonard Friend. Previously receiving some attention while in XYZ for the band's Nickelodeon (c. 1992) cameo filled "All My Friends," music video, Feder is now branching out in hopes of receiving some solo acclaim with a new, cleverly almost self-titled EP Lynyrd Frynd. One of the EP's highlight songs "Everything For The Sake of Everything," has been released but Luke Top of Fools Gold's remix of the song might've outdone the original. Listen to both and see what you think.

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    MP3: "Everything For The Sake Of Everything (Luke Top Remix)"
    MP3: "Everything For The Sake Of Everything"

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