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    • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Spanish Producer John Talabot is gathering attention with his well-received debut album, fIN, which came out 2/6 via Permanent Vacation. In anticipation of the new release, Talabot created a 73-minute mix for FACT magazine that includes samples from a wide variety of bands like Blondes, African Dreams, Warpaint and many, many more. Check out the stream here, or download the Fact mag mix below.

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    MP3: "Fact Mix 315 (By John Talabot)"


    01. Phase 6 "Deep Motion"
    02. Mental "I Want To Know Where Dub Is"
    03. Chateau Marmont "Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix)"
    04. Warpaint "Undertow (N C Remix)"
    05. Rekid "Next Stop Chicago"
    06. Cos Ber Zam "Ne Noya (Daphni edit)"
    07. Jersey Devil Club "Hommage at 128"
    08. Cole Medina " We Call It Good To Me"
    09. Sun La Shan "Catch (Dub Version)"
    10. Jus Ed 10 "Am Mix"
    11. Shakarchi & Stranus "It's My Love (John Talabot Redrumedit)"
    12. African Dreams "Make a Living"
    13. Lovebirds "Keep coming (Axel Boman Remix)"
    14. Dauwd "Acireams"
    15. Soft Rocks "Magic Milk (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)"
    16. Omar S, Ob Ignitt "Wayne County Hill Cops"
    17. Dream 2 Science "My Love Turns to Liquid"
    18. Projekt : PM "When the Voices Comes"
    19. Blondes "Water (Bicep Remix)"
    20. NAD "Distant Drums"

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