the guest apartment: pepper rabbit
    • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2011

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Pepper Rabbit met in Boston, recorded in Louisiana, played their first shows in India, and eventually relocated to Los Angeles, all the while hedging their bets that the crafty, homemade melodies that orbit their songs would make it worth the trip. First indications would come from the endorsement of our friend's at Kanine Records, giving the band's promising debut Beauregard the chance to be heard it deserved. After that, the onus would fall on the band members themselves, taking to the road with the likes of Ra Ra Riot, Rural Alberta Advantage, and Passion Pit in support of their album and their dream.

    Somewhere in the middle of this story we had a chance to catch up with Xander Singh and Luc Laurent. In town to tout their sound for all the good CMJ goers, the band brought an inquisitive set-up by our Rockwood Sessions, sharing a few of their tunes while embellishing on the story they're feverishly still busy writing. We mashed it all together - some song, some interview - and are pleased to present this melodious, ukulele ladened episode of The Guest Apartment.

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    The Guest Apartment: Pepper Rabbit

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